The Studio

Old Studio

The old studio, in the process of being packed up to move.

When I graduated from college and eventually moved “back home”, one of my worries (other than full-time employment, health insurance, and student loans!) was having the space and opportunity to continue creating art. But my parents were amazing enough to let me use a portion of their basement as a studio space! It was smaller than the studios at school (obviously), and darker, but I bought a bunch of lamps for light and did my work in that space. And it served me very well! That was where my business was born and began to grow.

Then I started thinking about where I would eventually live, and everything in me said house. And it said studio. It also said above ground and lots of light and needs a sink. Well that’s a lot of things to say, especially for a first-time homeowner! But a few things I couldn’t budge on. A studio was definitely needed. One that had access to a sink. Everything else could be altered to fit.

At the Open House of the home I eventually purchased, I realized that there wasn’t going to be an above-ground option for a studio. The rooms on the second floor (that have some wonderful light) don’t have access to a sink, and there was no way I was going to be walking up and down stairs with inky things to get to one! There was, however, a partially finished basement…

Pre-Studio 1

Pre-Studio 2

Oh, I know that it looks dark and sort of dreary. And it was. But there was potential there! Yes indeed, was there potential. Ideas were forming even from that first look. The unfinished half of the basement was the laundry area, complete with – drum roll – a sink!

And as very few interior basement walls are truly load bearing, there was the option to open up that entire space, get rid of the creepy red bedroom, and make it flow through from studio to sink and back again.

So that’s what I did.

Studio Under Construction 1

Walls came down…

Studio Under Construction 2

…and paint went up!

Bright white paint and full-spectrum daylight lightbulbs can make any space seem brighter – to the point that I don’t really miss not having above-ground windows. It has work space and storage space aplenty. I was able to bring the old desk from my parents’ house with me (after we figured out that it actually broke down into pieces for easy moving!), and I acquired some other tables from an estate sale. The tables have sprouted wheels since they first arrived, and can be easily moved around the studio space as needed when I need to lay things out for organization or drying. The shelves are perfect for art-related books and supply storage. And, of course, my oh-so-beloved flat files to store all the paper my heart desires!

And yes, there will always be additions and alterations being made to the space. I don’t think I’ll ever stop that. Reorganization, rearranging, supplies that come and go. But it’s already perfect, and it serves me well.